Friday, February 11, 2011

Squash Raviolis with Brown Butter

Raviolis are perfect little pillows of goodness. 

My grandmother is Italian and makes the best pasta I have ever eaten.  All by hand! Always from scratch with a rolling pin and all. Raviolis are one of her specialties. She uses the round opening of a drinking glass as a ravioli cutter! Sometimes the best tools are the simplest. She still makes a mean rav at
90 yrs. old!

For this recipe I had to settle for store bought raviolis.
I found some beautiful Butternut Squash raviolis made by Rising Moon Organics: 

First step is to boil the raviolis (the package recommends an 8-10min. slow, rolling boil).  Add a little salt to the pot to help the boiling process along..only a little! Add a little oil to the water when it comes to a slow, rolling boil. Vegetable or olive, any will do. It's to prevent the raviolis from sticking together. Next,  gently drop in the frozen raviolis, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon just in case any get stuck to the bottom of the pot. Once the raviolis start floating to the top of the water they are almost ready to be drained. They should be soft, but not to soft! Keep an eye on them constantly. Next, drain the water.

Brown Butter:

Add 2Tbls butter to a saute pan under medium high heat. Once the butter turns clear add in a couple of Bay Leaves. They add a nice flavor to the butter. I would use fresh sage as an alternative. Turn the heat down a little to about medium and add in the raviolis with some cinnamon, cardamon, black pepper, garlic salt and a little nutmeg (~1/4 tsp of each).  Fold raviolis gently so that all of the spices get mixed in with the raviolis. Mama mia! They will be smelling good!!  Let them sit for about 10min. or until butter turns brown. Transfer to a serving bowl and top off with a little parmesan cheese

This dish is the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Almost like a dessert! I would have probably added in some chopped hazelnuts if I had some! 

Bon Appetit!


  1. Sounds delish!! Thanks for sharing! I love reading about new foods and recipes. Great blog!

  2. This looks delicious! As we say in Armenian, paree akhorjag (good appetite)!

  3. Thank you, Silva! You just gave me an idea for another blog post! This is fun!


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