Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Boston Cake Experiment

This past weekend I participated in the Boston Cake Experiment. I had so much fun at the Pie Experiment last year that I just had to participate again this year when The Food Experiments came back to Boston! I teamed up with my friend, and bake enthusiast (and creator of itty bitty clay treasures), Natalie Elpek to form our team, Flour Power. Instead of experimenting with recipes at the last minute like I did last year,  I decided to recreate my strawberry burst cake with mascarpone whipped topping and lemon rind candy which I have made many times before. The recipe can be found in a previous Nomsense blog post. I added a little almond extract to the whipped topping which really added something extra to the dessert. Theo, who is one of he founders and organizers of the Food Experiments said that our cake made him nostalgic for the good humor strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. I was a little more prepared and knew what to expect since this was my second year participating in the Food Experiments. All of the hard work paid off. We placed third with the judges vote!

Brooklyn Brewery supplied all of the caketestants with delicious, free beer during the event and we made sure to sample all of the delicious cakes. All were winners, but I had a couple of personal favorites... Orange Blossom which was a spice cake smothered in honey and topped with candied orange. I could taste cardamom, which I love! The S'Mores also stood out. I think I ate five pieces of this one alone! Chocolate, caramel, nuts, and the presentation was exceptional, complete with a marshmallow coating which was blow torched at the table! There were quite a few boozy cakes which were all innovative. There was even a Hawaiian cake topped with bits of fried spam! The top audience winner had won the same title last year for their savory quiche. This year the brother and sister team created a savory cake called Toteau de Chevre. The crowd was great. We thank all of our friends who came out to support us! I look forward to participating in the Boston Food Experiment again next year.

Winning results and photos can be found on the Food Experiments website.

Team Flour Power
We called our cake 'Strawberry Dream'

lemon rind candy
our main ingredient

We baked five cakes

Beck loves cake!
S'mores cake! 
Itty Bitty Treasures

Friend and artist, Pampi Das
I thanked the academy of cakes
Theo's award for experimentation went to the Orange Blossom cake 
Winners for a second year in a row, Hope and Josh Gee!

Until next year...

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