Saturday, July 28, 2012

Freshpet Ready to Bake Dog Cookies

I became familiar with Freshpet at the annual dog Halloween parade in New York City's Central Park last year. They were kind enough to send me some samples of their latest product, Ready to Bake dog cookies! It wasn't too long ago that I made some homemade treats for my dog, Pluto. I vowed to never make liver treats again after my experience with blending an entire lamb liver. So, I was curious about how these cookies would compare to my peanut butter dog treat recipe.  I received two flavors; Peanut butter oatmeal, and Cranberry Oatmeal. No meat flavors. Upon opening the box, I immediately loved the adorable packaging! Just like the human variety, you just preheat the oven, pop them in for about 15 minutes and voila! Instant happiness for your dog! Consisting of only 3-4 ingredients, they smell and taste (yes, I tried a few) delicious! Pluto really liked them, but he is part lab and will eat almost anything. In order to really put these cookies to the test, I brought some to my mother's dog, a discerning papillon. He was not immediately impressed, but enjoyed both flavors, with a stronger preference for the peanut butter. He would only eat them when broken into smaller pieces.  Unfortunately, all of the humans ended up eating most of them. I think the main difference between these cookies and the recipe I used is the texture, plus I did not add any sweeteners making them less palatable to humans! Freshpet uses cane juice. Making your own treats allows for more creativity and experimentation with using different ingredients, but in the end, the Ready to Bake treats will save you more time. Either way, you are providing your dog with delicious, healthier snacks, keeping your dog happy and healthy!

Creative and fun packaging!

Fancy lunch box for storing dog treats

Peanut ButterOatsEvaporated Cane JuicePalm OilEggsWaterBaking Soda.

Just the right size for noshing. May be a little large for smaller dogs.

Evenly cooked!

nom nom..

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