Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dessert Art by Chris Cordeiro

Pastry chef, Chris Cordeiro creates artwork for Clio. Desserts that burst with color, flavor, and inegnuity. When I first met Chris, I was interviewing Todd Maul in what is called "the dungeon"  by Chris and Todd, but I see it as more of a space where artistic and culinary expertise meet hand in hand.  Considering that dessert is my favorite meal, I was curious about the process involved with designing and creating desserts for one of the top restaurants in Boston. After dropping in for a dessert tasting, and a photo shoot, I enjoyed gathering some information to share with you!  Enjoy the photos and be sure to stop in at Clio to enjoy a Chris Cordeiro original. He is leaving Clio on September 1st and will be heading to Persimmon in Bristol, RI. where he will be focusing on his true passion, savory dishes. I will be sure to catch up with Chris in his new role, but will miss his innovative desserts at Clio.

Chocolate and Green Chartreuse Capsule
Roasted Orange, Alba Cinnamon, Chocolate Sorbet:

Chocolate Capsule, Chartreuse Anglaise, Chartreuse Gummies, roasted orange puree, alba cinnamon cream, dehydrated chocolate mousee, candied cocoa nibs, thyme infused orange foam

Raspberry and Lychee:
Candied Lime, Macadamia Nut, Sour Cream Ice Cream:

Raspberry and Lychee coral, Fresh Raspberries, Fresh Lychee, Lychee Gel, Raspberry gel, Candied lime segments, lime powder, macadamia roasted, chip and gel, sour cream ice cream

Buttermilk Bavarois
Blackberry, Violet, Oak Ice Cream:

Butter milk Bavarois, Textures of Black berry, violet cream, violet meringue, elderflower gel, oak ice cream

Kouigin (My favorite!!)


Mango Tart
Coffee, Togarashi Caramel, COconut Ice Cream:

Mango Curd, Mango puree, Coffee crumble, Togarashi Caramel,
Coconut foam, COconut IC, orange marmalade..

Visit Chris over at Clio:
370A Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215 

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  1. Oh how great for Chris but sad for Boston! Must put a night on the books before he leaves!


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